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Landing Page Website Design with inspirational, modern and highly converting templates. We build landing pages from scratch based on your marketing campaigns strategy to like beautiful and amazing. Technoreon takes care of everything; Modern Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Security, Marketing, and Hosting solutions. We build amazing landing pages for any type of your eCommerce products or services you would like to promote.


Landing Page Website Design

We design your landing page to serve a specific goal without any distraction. It describes your service or product and contains a clear button or form that invites the visitor to interact. Despite the many answers and opinions about conversion rates, the percentage in landing page conversion rate is between 5.4% and 15.3%. We make sure that all features are included to get better results.

Online Chat
Online Chat

Having a real person on the landing page increases confidence, and helps customers to have stronger connection to your business and share their positive experience that leads to higher average CR.

Call to Action CTA
Call to Action CTA

While this may sound easy enough, creating successful CTAs can be challenging. Your CTAs need to force people to do something they might not want to do or may hesitate about it. Our design is the KEY!

Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation

We make navigation on your landing page design simple, the most important content which builds the first impression is above the fold. The user shouldn't feel lost, everything has to be clear.

Responsive & Modern Design
Responsive & Modern Design

Responsive web design affects how your audience perceives your brand. The first impression can either let them stay and get to know your products more or leave your page to another competitor.


Lead Capture Form

The lead capture form for landing page design demands more attention and creativity to increase effectiveness. We consider not to overwhelm or intimidate visitors. Thus, we design the form so that it’s easy to complete.

The Performance

With our fast Virtual Private Servers, we ensure quick load time and powerful performance. Every second counts, 64% of visitors will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning the website.

Contact Information

We add floating contact buttons and social media icons in a place where they can be noticed easily. The customer can get in touch with you with only one simple click. This way we make sure that you deals are more closer.

User Experience

Either the landing page is slow, has a complex design where the visitor feels lost, and low performance with high bounce rate, or it is the opposite, provides a great user experience when it is designed by an expert team.


While building your landing page, we consider Mobile-First Approach Design, measure its performance against all devices, and make the appropriate adjustments until it's ready to use and attract visitors from all platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

We pay great attention to search engine optimization while designing landing pages using advanced SEO tools and structured data to describe your product or service in a way search engines understand the content.

What is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page design is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It's where a visitor "lands" after clicking on a link in an email, ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web.

Unlike normal web pages, which usually have many goals and have wide and deep content, landing pages are designed with a focus on a single goal, known as a call to action (or CTA, for short).

It is this focus that makes landing pages the best choice for increasing conversion rates for your marketing campaigns and lowering the cost of acquiring a potential customer or selling.

Why do you need a landing page website design?

The short answer is that it is an essential component of your marketing and sales strategy that helps you increase conversion rates and reduce the cost of acquiring a lead or selling.

Landing page website design is more popular in affiliate marketing. Here, every affiliate marketer must have a landing page that receives visitors before they go to the advertiser's page, and the function of the landing page here is:

  • Motivate and attract the visitor and prepare him to buy before entering the sale page.
  • Building a mailing list by capturing the email and data of the visitor, and marketing it later through Email Marketing.
  • CTA Button, which is a floating button whose function is to transfer the visitor from the landing page to the page to complete the sale or registration process.
  • Gain new users who did not know your product, in order to communicate with them later.
  • Establishing a bridge between the user and the checkout page of the product, and providing them with enough content so that they feel safe in their purchase.
  • Through landing pages, you can achieve a significant and noticeable improvement of the advertising campaigns to promote your store and your products or services, and this is by exploiting the amazing database that you can get from behind the landing pages.


Note: In the case of making landing pages, you will need powerful hosting options to bear a large number of visitors at one time, and here we would like to mention that we, at Technoreon, use VPS or Virtual Private Servers that are suitable for this purpose.

How do we create a landing page website design?

Since the landing page is made for a specific purpose, it has a much simpler navigation menu, consisting only of title, offer, form, and call to action, unlike a normal website that has all the information about the business.

Simplicity in browsing is not a choice made by chance or absurdity. Rather, it is a formula to avoid the user being distracted and away from the main desired action on your page., which is clicking on the CTA button.

Drafting an attractive and distinctive title

One of the most important steps that must be focused and worked on is choosing an attractive title for the landing page to attract the target audience to enter and interact with the page, and make sure that the title expresses a short summary of the product or service in one way or another so that the audience is clear to him what he will read.

There is no more attractive title than one that includes a discount or an offer that motivates the target customer to know the details of the offer and how he can benefit from it.

Writing accurate and clear content

Paying attention to images and design Do not neglect the interest in the text of the page and writing it in an innovative, distinctive and clear way in order to attract the audience and deliver the targeted marketing message from the designing of the Landing page.

You have to keep in mind that the content is clear, short and attractive and guides the customer to the action you want from him whether it is filled with data or taking action to purchase or sign up.

Writing a clear and motivating CTA statement

One marketing message and one Call To Action is the most important goal and the most important factor that you should consider when designing and preparing the landing page, writing only one clear CTA to push the customer on what he should do.

Writing more than one CTA and inviting the audience to more than one request distracts them and may get away with what they do and leave and leave, so be clear about what you invite your customers to do, whether by registering data or interacting and participating in something.

Implementing a clear and attractive design

This one is on us, on Technoreon, We talked a lot about the importance of using visual content in marketing and using it in many other things, such as creating an advertisement or when uploading a product or service through the online store, and we mentioned how visual content with pictures or videos conveys a different expression from what you want to say in words.

In order to design a high-converting landing page, there are many details that must be taken into account by developers and designers. We choose colors and images close to your logo to attract your audience or we may design pages according to events like Black Friday.

There is always a way to work better, and this is the goal of discussing the elements and factors to help you improve the creation of Landing Pages for your services or products to end up with a professional and distinctive page to achieve the goal of landing page website design.

  • The landing page should provide all the necessary information, but not to the point of confusing and alienating the visitor!!
  • It should be neat and clear information to enhance confidence and raise focus.
  • Provide basic information that will interest your audience and nothing more!
  • Focus on delivering messages, focus on your page on a specific message, or a specific offer, the visitor will focus more in this case.
  • The design of the landing page should be different from the design of the rest of the pages of the primary website.

Why Technoreon For Landing Page Website Design?

Technoreon does not just build and design your landing page, it also provides you with all tools to manage your page in a reliable and flexible way. We don't restrict you at any point, all our solutions will be built to be compatible with your business and visual identity because we neither use pre-made software nor we use WordPress.

Our team makes sure that your landing page design provides all the functions you need and more to help you focus on your own clients instead of wasting time on technical issues. Our support is not 3 or 6 months or even 1 year, we are here forever for you because we do know that we can only grow if you do!.


Since our softwares are built from scratch by our engineers, we will always be available to improve and develop your pages when you grow. We are aware that landing pages are living entities that need to be maintained and developed frequently to handle the requirements of the business in the future like Artificial Intelligence algorithms and more advanced marketing tools and CRMs.

Only with Technoren, you can turn clicks into clients.


How does we work?

The landing page is one of the most important marketing tools for many companies, as it is an actual way to increase sales, and collect data from customers to use in other marketing operations. START NOW!


Frequently Asked Questions

Landing pages usually have a single simple objective, which is referred to as a call to action or CTA. Their unique purpose and inherent simplicity are what make landing page design an effective way to increase the conversion rates your paid ads produce. Landing pages usually have fewer things that will catch a visitor's attention, and make him to click and buy or contact.

  • How do you design a landing page?

    Our team analyzes the product or service which your landing page will promote. After that, we prepare the designs and develop your website to be fast, responsive, and make sure it provides a great user experience to ensure higher conversion rates.

  • How much does a landing page website design cost?

    Landing pages design from Technoreon costs between $150 to $250 according to your needs and the ures you want to be integrated into your website. However, all the basic features are already included in the lower price band.

  • How long does it take to develop our landing page?

    After we arrange everything and start building your website, it takes between 3 and 5 business days to complete your landing page. Our solutions are built from scratch to fit your needs and match your product/service's identity.

  • Do we need to have a domain or hosting?

    No, Technoreon takes care of everything on your behalf. You should only focus on how to improve your product or service and serve your clients inc the best way. All technical issues are on Technoreon.

  • Do you provide marketing or SEO for our landing page website?

    Of course, we are always of assistance to promote your services or products through multiple channels. Our marketing team can prepare solutions for your business to grow and reach more targeted customers.

Landing Page Website Design

Achieve a significant and noticeable improvement of the advertising campaigns to promote products or services by exploiting the amazing database that you can get from behind the landing pages.

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