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Restaurant Website design with beautiful and effective templates from Technoreon. Restaurant and Coffee Shop website design built from scratch to fit with your visual identity and business vision. Provide your customers with responsive and high-quality online menu and offers to order online through a perfect restaurant website design. We make your website to match your restaurant's brand and attract various audiences. Moreover, we take care of Development, SEO, Marketing, Security, and Hosting solutions.


Restaurant and Coffee Shops Website Design

100% interactive digital menu, unlimited number of sections and categories, specific QR barcode for each table, receive orders directly from your website with status tracking, multiple payment options, online reservations and more. We store your data in cloud storage servers so your customers can access it from anytime, anywhere in the world, faster!

Digital Barcode
Digital Barcode

Modern technology that allows restaurants and coffee shops to use electronic menus that is easily accessible via a QR barcode to give customers a 100% adaptive and touchless browsing experience.

Online Reservations
Online Reservations

Whatever the type, size or location of the restaurant, you always need to balance reservations with actual visits to your place in order to avoid many potential problems and achieve customer satisfaction.

Responsive E-Menu
Responsive E-Menu

Responsive and modern E-Menu presents more realistic expectation of what the meals and drinks you serve will look like, giving you the opportunity to attract customers and build great first impression.

Online Orders
Online Orders

Your customers can order their food online or using WhatsApp button easily with multiple payment and delivery options .They can track their order status and get notifications through multiple channels.


Contact Information

Share your map location, give your customers options to contact you through multiple platforms with only one click call and one click message sending. Share your social media accounts and get followers. 

Fully Customizable

Names and prices in your digital menu can be customized at any time and will change automatically with just a few clicks without changing QR. While the traditional menus need to be re-designed and printed.

Fully Responsive

E-Menu from our restaurant website design platforms has an adaptive design and size for all electronic devices to provide easy use and perfect browsing of the digital menu. We ensure a great user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Our advanced search engine optimization - SEO tools help your restaurant to rank higher in Google search results without having to pay for Ads. We ensure a powerful SEO structure in the website.


Have your coffee shop or restaurant website design in different languages to serve all your customers. You can manage the settings in an advanced, yet, simple control panel anytime with no need to have technical skills.

Marketing Solutions

Share the barcode or digital menu link on social media platforms, websites, emails, or via SMS or WhatsApp messages to receive orders and publish your menu with a wide range of clients to raise sales.

Technoreon provides restaurant and coffee shop website design services according to the needs of your business and the features and ideas you want to be integrated into your website. We develop responsive, mobile compatible, modern designed and inspirational websites for your cafe shop or restaurant where you can promote your menu and services in a high-quality manner. Moreover, your customers can order online from your website and create reservations easily.

Your restaurant website design is the virtual home of your business, your welcome mat on the Internet. The design of your website says a lot about the experience your customers may expect in your restaurant. Thus, it has to be attractive and present your services appropriately to have an effective first impression.

Why design a website for restaurants and coffee shops?

Your restaurant needs to have a professional restaurant website, to reflect the atmosphere and quality of the food available. If someone has never been to your restaurant before, your website is their first impression, that's why it is so important for your website to highlight the great qualities of your restaurant and give potential customers a sense of what they can try, you will also make your business more flexible, with online reservations and menu updates, event offers, and other features that would not normally be available to you through just a Facebook page or social media account.

Inspirational design and easy-to-find information are the keys to creating and designing a stunning restaurant or coffee shop website that will take customers from the web to your seats.

If your restaurant offers great food, has such nice decor, and offers exceptional services, but your website appears to have been put together without giving much importance to modern designs, it can turn off potential customers.

Did you know that 54% of restaurant-goers check the existence of a restaurant on the internet before deciding to go there? So, the purpose of a coffee shop or restaurant website design is to provide potential customers with the information they need to make a decision about your restaurant, and this includes practical information such as location, wifi availability, details About the dining experience such as the menu and interior photos of the restaurant.

  • An easier way to introduce customers to the restaurant and its meals and menu. It helps to quickly identify the location of the restaurant, the type of meals it serves, and their prices. It enables you to display some delicious recipes to your customers on the top of the website.
  • Because many restaurants do not follow the same step by creating a website for their services, and this is an addition and opportunity that will distinguish you from your competitors.
  • You can profit from your restaurant website design by contracting with companies that are related to the food or drinks you provide through advertising for their services.
  • Having a website design for your restaurant will increase the accessibility to other segments of customers and increase the number of visitors to the restaurant.

Things to consider for coffee shop and restaurant website design

A restaurant website is an extension of the customer experience, if your online existence doesn't reflect the level of care you give to your customers, they may go away.

When Technoreon plans to design an online restaurant website, we make sure we include all the information that your customers can search for about your restaurant and that it is easily accessible. Here is a checklist of some of the essential items included:

  1. Contact information: We make sure your restaurant's phone number and WhatsApp are always in a visible place, if you also do business via email, we include this on the website.
  2. Address: Well, people can't come to have dinner at your restaurant if they don't know where you are!. We integrate google maps to get to your location easily.
  3. Opening Hours: When do you open and when do you close?
  4. Menu: Since a lot of people check menus online before choosing a restaurant, publishing your menu online is essential, if your restaurant menu changes frequently, you will need to update your website frequently. However, through our platform, you can update your menu anytime, anywhere, with simple clicks!.
  5. Gallery: We include high-quality images of your food, drinks, and interiors to help customers visualize your menu and visualize themselves eating at your restaurant.
  6. Online Reservations: If you accept online reservations, we design an amazing page and include a widget or a link to it directly on the home page and everywhere.
  7. Social Media Icons: Grow your social media, stay top of mind, we include your restaurant's social media icons on your homepage. Moreover, we make sure that your menu and services are sharable.
  8. Online Ordering: Does your restaurant accept orders online? we develop an online ordering system where customers can order and pay online or in cash with tracking their orders.
  9. Newsletter Subscription: Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing methods. We encourage people to sign up for your restaurant newsletter by including a subscription widget on your page. Offer new subscribers an exclusive offer or discount to make the deal even sweeter.
  10. Videos: Restaurant videos give customers a preview of what to expect in your restaurant, when potential customers can imagine themselves in your seats, they are more likely to make that fantasy a reality.
  11. Blog: Use your blog to promote events, preview an upcoming menu, or give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your restaurant.

Why Technoreon For Restaurant Website Design?

Technoreon does not just build and design your website, it also provides you with all tools to manage your coffee shop or restaurant in a reliable and flexible way. We don't restrict you at any point, all our solutions will be built to be compatible with your business and visual identity because we neither use pre-made software nor we use WordPress.

Our team makes sure that your restaurant website design provides all the functions you need and more to help you focus on your own clients instead of wasting time on technical issues. Our support is not 3 or 6 months or even 1 year, we are here forever for you because we do know that we can only grow if you do!.

Since our softwares are built from scratch by our engineers, we will always be available to improve and develop your website when you grow. We are aware that restaurant websites are living entities that need to be maintained and developed frequently to handle the requirements of the business in the future like Artificial Intelligence algorithms and more advanced marketing tools and CRMs.

  • The ability to order online.
  • The possibility of making online payments on the website.
  • Tracking orders, delivery, and preparation.
  • Giving you the choice to display your restaurant website design and menu in more than one language.
  • Designing the website from scratch to finish in a way that matches your business identity, meets your needs and suits the nature of your menu and the target audience.
  • Constant and responsive technical support, answering any questions you have at any time you want.
  • Provide strong protection for your website from intrusions and maintain the privacy of users and data.
  • Responsive design with all types of devices, whether (laptops - desktop computers - mobile phones - tablets,) regardless of screen sizes and browser types.
  • Communicate with you and explain how the website works with audio and video, teach you how to control it, and train you to manage it through an advanced control panel.
  • Advanced SEO tools.
  • Powerful hosting options with VPS (Virtual Private Servers).
  • Marketing tools, banners, and coupons.

Only with Technoren, you can turn clicks into clients.

Restaurant and Coffee Shops Website Development

Start now and your your business online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can add new items to the menu, modify prices directly, and manage orders through the control panel, without the need to reprint your menu, nor to republish it or design a new QR code.

  • How much does restaurant website design it cost?

    It depends on the features you want to be integrated into your website. However, we can say that the cost ranges between $300 for a basic restaurant website and $600 for more advanced features.

  • How long does it take to develop the website?

    Since we don't rely on pre-made tools and platforms to design your restaurant website, it may take 4 to 10 days to deliver the project. Our engineers build your website from scratch to match your brand and visual identity.

  • How do you design website for restaurants and coffee shops?

    The website for such businesses has to be simple, modern, responsive, fast, and provide a great user experience. The visitor should not think about where to click or what to do next. Everything should be clear as possible.

  • Do you provide marketing, SEO packages for our restaurant website?

    Of course, we can manage your website and make it ready for you and upload the content. After that, we have many marketing solutions and search engine optimization packages to increase brand awareness and sales.

  • What is included in your technical support?

    We make sure that your restaurant website is running without any problems or broken links or functions. Whenever anything wrong happens, our team immediately intervene and fix the problem. However, adding new features and developing your website are done at reasonable fees.

Restaurant Website Development Services

Using attractive and inspirational designs, we provide your customers with the best food and drink ordering experience, and promote it to increase brand awareness.

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