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What is web design? Why do you need to design a website?
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Developed depending on various elements and content, web design always aims to offer websites that are easily accessible, understandable and give what they want to the end user. That's why you ask "How to design a website?" or “How to be successful in web design?”. You may be wondering about the answers to some other quetsions. To find the answers to all these questions, it is enough to take a look at the rest of the content.

What is web design?

Web design can be defined as; “Set of applications and functions implemented through code and programs that enable websites to be presented to the end user in a proper interface with various principles such as aesthetics, uability, content, visibility and interactions.” Thanks to the web design, the end user can easily use the websites they connect to from any internet browser without the need for technical knowledge.

On the other hand, mistakes or neglected deficiencies in website design can lead to straying from the main purposes. For this reason, ease of use is as important as visuality when designing a website. In order to fulfill all these conditions, it is necessary to use various rules, design tools and design programs and patterns harmoniously.

What should be considered while making web design?

Web design is one of the most effective disciplines for an aesthetic and functional internet experience. In this discipline, apart from elements such as layout, color, graphics, fonts and content, there are also dynamics that facilitate use such as navigation, multimedia, compatibility, technology and interactivity. All these details need to be taken into account for a website that is both aesthetic and ergonomic.

Among the design recommendations to be followed for an impressive website design, there are many details from the target audience to SEO, from the images to be used to the font. Performing a web design step by step in accordance with these details helps you to design a stylish and healthy website. Here are 5 ways to be successful in web design:

 1.Making target audience oriented designs. 

By designing based on the needs of your target audience, you can both increase the number of visitors and gain a loyal audience.

Whatever your industry is, whether you appeal to a wide target audience or you have a narrow target audience; In the digital world, you have to do everything according to your target audience. When mentioning website design, you need to prepare target audience-oriented designs. In this way, you can increase the rate of your visitors staying on the site. This is a very important requirement for the realization of your sales targets. If you can analyze the needs of your target audience correctly, you will be able to reach new users and gain a loyal customer base. For example, if your target audience consists only of women, you can create a sincere design language with soft and rounded lines in more spacious and warm tones. If you are in an industrial sector and your target audience is only men; You can choose angular and distinctive fonts, cold and strong colors and benefit-oriented designs.

In short, the exact definition and needs of your target audience is the biggest factor that determines the design of your website. Otherwise, visitors to your site will feel that you are not addressing them, and they will leave your site within seconds and switch to competing sites that appeal to them. Industry, customer portfolio and demographic information are the factors that determine the design elements.

2. Realizing SEO friendly designs.

Although the content forms the basis of SEO, the images used on the websites, the under-image descriptions, the design setup and the software are also of great importance. Therefore, you can rank higher in Google by creating a healthier user experience in terms of design.

How is web design done? One of the most correct answers to the question is to explain that it should be "SEO Compatible". The fact that you have designed a suitable design for your target audience is not enough for either the algorithms or the visitors. If your web page is not SEO friendly, your design achievements will be overshadowed. Because we use search engines to show your site to your target audience and we are listed according to the qualifications we provide for its requirements. There are dozens of SEO factors that directly affect the performance of your site. The success of your code structure, product and service descriptions, images, forms, internal pages, meta descriptions, external links… The list goes on, and if you ignore this list while building your site, you will have to fix it again with a serious waste of time and great effort. You must have an SEO-friendly website according to the algorithms. The success of your page is in the hands of algorithms, you should not forget that.

3. ensuring responsive site design.

Responsive web design is used in the design of sites that can change shape in accordance with mobile devices other than computers. Considering that millions of people use the internet from mobile devices today, this detail has a high importance.

As technology develops, the digital platforms and technological tools we use change and diversify. Recently, tablet sizes have entered our lives as tablets function as computers in many respects. With the spread of smart televisions, TV Applications have now become a part of our lives. Currently, there are approximately twenty thousand different mobile phones, approximately seven thousand different tablets, more than two thousand different computer screens and a variety of smart watches that your target audience can use to enter your website. So at best, your website can be accessed from more than a thousand different dimensions. So, what measure will you use to design a website?. At this point, responsive web design technology comes to our aid. Responsive design means that it proportions the design of your site according to the size of the devices and automatically switches it to another interface. In other words, when you apply a design responsively, your site can work completely with a full view, no matter what device it is accessed from anywhere in the world or from which browser. If you do not design your website as responsive, it will not fit the screens and will be shown messy.

4. Choosing original images and content, not using too many colors.

One of the most basicweb  design mistakes is the use of non-original content. Apart from this, although it is thought that a very colorful site can be remarkable, it can actually tire the user. For these reasons, it is always necessary to use original content and harmonious tones.

This is a very important stage of experience for both algorithms and users. Make sure to use quality, original and effective images. The photos, vectors or effects you will use should generally be compatible with the design of the site. Use quality, illuminating and clear images.

5. Prefer legible fonts and apply the same font in all areas.

The details to be considered in the use of color are also effective in choosing the font. Choosing simple, easy-to-read typefaces is one of the most fundamental steps in creating a successful web design.

Fonts, the most valuable element of the design world, appear on websites to provide information flow and increase usability. We mentioned the importance of the target audience in font selection. Now let's talk about the right font type and quantity. You should limit the fonts you will use on your website to a certain number. Although this limit varies according to design needs, it can usually be limited to 2 different families and 3 different types. In other words, you can choose 2 different fonts for titles and descriptions, and you can use different types from family members such as bold, italic and thin in detailed texts. However, if you do not want to be more assured in your site's font preferences and do not want to take risks regarding font compatibility, we recommend that you use a single font throughout your site, preferably from the Google Font family.

How to design your website?

You have to choose the right company to design and develop your website. Please remember that websites are living entities that need maintenance and care every now and then. Thus, the technical support should be provided from the developer. Technoreon is the only firm in the market to provide life-time support to their customers.

Technoreon has multiple web design packages for all types of websites. All plans are flexible so you can always ask for a special package and build your own plan according to your needs.

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