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ECommerce Website design from Technoreon. Design modern and powerful online store with no limits. Best ecommerce website design packages. We build inspirational online stores with providing all tools to start your business. Design, Development, Security, Payments, Shipping, SEO, Marketing, and Hosting soluitons all-in-one.

Best eCommerce Website Development Services


Satisfying the customer while browsing products and while making payment with easy, fast, reliable solutions will reduce the cart abandonment rate, albeit by a certain amount. That's the primary goal of eCommerce website design.

The Performance
The Performance

How eCommerce website design should be? FAST. Since we don't rely on pre-made softwares, our algorithms and codes are clean and ensure better performance for your online store with optimized pages.

Payment Options
Payment Options

Your visitors won't become a real customers until they complete their order and buy the product. For this, we set up payment systems that work as easily and quickly as possible with multiple payment options.

Abandoned Carts
Abandoned Carts

Is there a way to win back users who left products in their cart? You can get insight about all baskets, wish-lists and compare lists. Sending emails or coupons helps increasing conversion rate.


Since your products will be prepared in accordance with e-commerce SEO studies, you will rank higher in search engines. Our structure is SEO-Friendly by itself with structured data and advanced tools.


Easy Navigation

Your customers will be able to browse categories on the menu and reach the products easily. We provide comfortable in-site navigation by making the category hierarchy and grouping the related products. You can control what products/categories are more important.


We are aware that your e-commerce website design needs to be secure. Otherwise, you may miss consumers, and having security vulnerabilities on your site will cause it to crash or leak valuable user data such as passwords and credit cards information.

Developed From Scratch

Since we don't rely on pre-made software and tools for eCommerce website design, we can optimize your store and ensure the best performance. Our solutions are flexible and we won't restrict you at any step, you are always welcome to present your ideas.

Coupon Codes

Compared to many other campaigns, coupon codes provide an interactive relationship between e-commerce website owners and customers. You can provide many types of coupons to make the customer feel more special and provide strong customer loyalty.

Responsive Design

We don't only ensure that your website design is fully responsive. Moreover, we use the power of design to direct your potential customers to the products. Placing products and campaigns on the homepage in the most attractive way will arouse curiosity in your customers.

Shipping Methods

You can provide your customers with multiple shipping methods based on their country. We ensure an advanced snd flexible shipping structure so your customers can also check their order status and be informed when any update is done with the order.

Have a great idea and want to turn it into an online store? Do you need an eCommerce website design? how your website looks like should be at the forefront of the issues you need to pay attention to before rolling up your sleeves.

We do know that reaching millions of customers who search for products and gaining visibility in search engines is a very laborious process. An e-commerce website design is an ideal idea to reach customers and grow your company. However, the way to create an impact for visitors to buy the product or service on your site is to design your site correctly.

eCommerce Website Design Services, We do it the right way!

If you want to increase your sales channels by doing e-commerce, the e-commerce software we design for you provides some important features. Because the e-commerce website with a good software infrastructure will contribute to the development of your business and will help you to achieve very good turnovers in your e-commerce business.

We make sure that your online store has all the functions and factors to rank higher and compete in search engines and provide your customer with the best user experience and user interface with modern designs and attractive templates that developed from scratch. Here are the most important features that an e-commerce website should have:

Organized Category Structures in eCommerce Website Design

A potential customer visiting your site should not spend minutes to reach the product they are looking for but should be able to find the product they are looking for within seconds thanks to a well-defined category structure. We use categories, subcategories, and sub-subcategories for your products. Of course, if you have a few products or services you may only need the main category. But the idea is the same, we ensure the usability and functionality of your eCommerce website design.

We Pay Attention to the Placement of the Search Bar on the Website

Adding the search bar to the right place, which is as important as choosing the categories well, and giving the necessary importance to its design are essential for an e-commerce website.

A filterable search bar helps convert a lead into a real customer. By offering similar options, customers should be attracted and the number of products in the basket should be increased.

The search feature itself should be advanced and attractive to help customers search for products. Although it may seem like a very simple feature, one of the important features that increase the purchase rate of visitors on an e-commerce site is the strong in-site search features. According to statistics, 30% of e-commerce customers use the search application for the site to find the product they are looking for.

In cases where the in-site search feature is not good, the customer cannot reach the product they are looking for (even though the product is on that site) and leaves the site immediately. This is an important point to consider for an eCommerce website design.

Thus, we provide your customers and visitors an advanced search feature to assist them find not only what they are looking for, but also similar products they may be interested in.

Responsive and mobile-friendly eCommerce website design

The number of people using mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets is increasing year by year. People are now starting to enter more from mobile devices. This brought the necessity of e-commerce websites design to be mobile compatible, that is, responsive. Because Google has announced that all websites, including e-commerce websites, must be mobile compatible with the algorithm it has developed. It started to push non-mobile-friendly websites into the background in mobile search results. This means loss of visitors and therefore loss of turnover for e-commerce sites. Mobile-friendly e-commerce sites help visitors navigate the site more easily and provide a better customer experience. This increases the purchase rate of visitors browsing mobile-compatible online stores.

Multiple payment options for eCommerce websites

One of the features that increase the effectiveness of an eCommerce website is the payment options. If you want to increase the orders on your e-commerce site, you should offer your customers various payment alternatives. Bank transfer, credit card, payment at the door, etc. Offering alternative payment options to the customer will increase the turnover of the e-commerce website.

We provide all types of payments when we build your store. You can update, delete, switch off or switch them on at any time from the control panel.

Indeed, when mentioning. Security is an essential issue in an eCommerce website. The store must be supported by a security certificate and the connection has to be encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption using HTTPS protocol. 

Campaign modules of the eCommerce website design

Ecommerce is not possible without a campaign. The continuity of eCommerce sites that do not organize campaigns for their customers is also short. Because campaigns are an important element that establishes a one-to-one relationship with customers and establishes bonds with them. When you use campaigns effectively, you can achieve very effective results. Your campaign modules should also be fairly large. You should be able to make campaigns on a basket basis, on a category basis, on a brand basis, on a product basis. We ensure that our solutions to your eCommerce website design have rich campaign modules that will allow you to make lots of options.

Ecommerce website design with Strong SEO infrastructure

The number of companies involved in eCommerce has been increasing over the years. But many of them get out of the competition too early, because they can not rank in the first pages in search engines for the products they sell. If you want to be permanent in the eCommerce business, the SEO or search engine optimization features of the e-commerce software you use must be strong. Because there is a lot of competition in e-commerce and if you want your site to stand out in this competition, your site's SEO modules must be strong and rich.

We ensure that you can be noticed in search engines such as Google more easily and in a short time and you can come to better places in the search results with the advanced SEO tools we have adapted to our eCommerce website designs. Thanks to our marketing team, they provide the developers with the last techniques and most recent ways to rank higher in search results. Thus, all our websites are SEO-Friendly and optimized with structured data and rich snippets.

Powerful Hosting Options

A good web hosting service is needed for a reliable eCommerce website design, a powerful solution, optimized page loading speed, and a fast access website. Thanks to VPS (Virtual Private Servers) solutions that we use at Technoreon, we ensure not just the fastest load time, but also, high-security levels, reliability, integrity, scalability, and flexibility

Technoreon -Web Design & Marketing Agency-  provides Managed VPS to their own clients to host their websites at the cost of Unmanaged VPS

Great User Experience Guarantee

User Experience can be defined as a person's satisfaction and experience when he/she enters a website, navigates through the site, interacts with the site and uses the site features. In this sense, the user experience of the visitors is very important, especially in e-commerce website design. Users who shop from e-commerce websites are generally loyal customers.

In other words, if they made a purchase from a website and received the product they bought without encountering any problems, it was measured that 39% made a second or more repeat shopping. Here, one of the biggest factors affecting the user experience positively or negatively is undoubtedly the design of the website. The trick of selling the product or service and increasing the brand awareness rate is directly related to the user experiences of your website. Doing so will allow the user to spend longer time on the site, and will bring the user closer to the purchase. Designing an easy and understandable website, it will enable the user to access more products and navigate the site comfortably.

For this reason, design and optimization studies are very important, especially in such websites.

Why Technoreon For eCommerce Website Design?

Technoreon does not just build and design your website, it also provides you with all tools to manage your store in a reliable and flexible way. We don't restrict you at any point, all our solutions will be built to be compatible with your business and visual identity because we neither use pre-made software nor we use WordPress.

Our team makes sure that your eCommerce website design provides all the functions you need and more to help you focus on your own clients instead of wasting time on technical issues. Our support is not 3 or 6 months or even 1 year, we are here forever for you because we do know that we can only grow if you do!.

Since our softwares are built from scratch by our engineers, we will always be available to improve and develop your website when you grow. We are aware that eCommerce websites are living entities that need to be maintained and developed frequently to handle the requirements of the business in the future like Artificial Intelligence algorithms and more advanced marketing tools and CRMs.

Only with Technoren, you can turn clicks into clients.

We do know how to get your store online!

You can trust our team completely in the process of designing and developing your ecommerce website. You will be the one who leads the team directly.


Turn Clicks Into Clients!

Technoreon provides you with the best structure and flexible solutions for your project. Please note that you can always ask for new features. Our algorithms know no limits.

  • How do you design website for eCommerce?

    We keep it simple with easy-to-follow site navigation, ensure fast loading time, make it responsive using attractive designs, SEO-Friendly, and we consider user experience. We think like store customers and build your eCommerce website from scratch.

  • How much does it cost to design eCommerce website?

    All eCommerce website designs are different from each other in terms of infrastructure and features. The main reason for this is that they are carried out in line with the demands of the customer and intended functions like shipping, payments, currencies, and user sessions. The cost of eCommerce website design ranges from $300 to $700.

  • Do you apply for payment gateways in behalf of us?

    We do everything on behalf of you, don't waste your time on such issues and focus only on serving your customers. Your eCommerce website is not considered as delivered until you get your first order and make the first transaction to your bank account.

  • Do you provide marketing, SEO packages or can you manage our store?

    Yes, we do!. When you work with Technoreon, you have everything in your hands. Indeed, we design your eCommerce website with advice from our marketing team. We develop your site structure to be flexible and easy to be managed in terms of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

  • What is included in your technical support?

    The support is free and for lifetime because our engineers do it the right way. eCommerce websites need to be maintained frequently to make sure all functions and pages are working. However, developing your website and adding new features later is done for low fees.

All features are already included in all packages.

For an eCommerce website; User experience, transitions between pages and the payment system should be quite simple. The design and structure should not leave the customer wondering what to do next at any point.

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