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VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting, Which One Fits Your Needs
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VPS Servers and Shared Hosting are among the most used servers for hosting the websites. No one can simply tell you which model you should use because choosing process relies on multiple factors whether you are a blogger, developer, running a small business or just managing your own personal website.


Virtual Private Server or VPS is something between shared hosting and dedicated server but more flexible and powerful because all the resources available on the server are only for your use. VPS provides many features and capabilities like root access, administrator users and private IP address.
Selecting VPS means that you can manage all the resources to use them wisely and make better use of available bandwidth, RAM and CPU in the best possible approach unlike shared hosting. Moreover, you can always select the configuration that best fits your application requirements. 


Shared Server is one of hosting plans in which the web hosting company allows serving multiple websites each with a domain name but using only one server. Thus, those sites share all the available server resources from CPU to RAM between each other. Even though shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting to host a website on the Internet, it is usually not a good idea for websites that has thousands of daily visitors because the cheap price comes with some restrictions.



  • The cheapest type of hosting. Usually used for personal or small business.
  • It does not require you to maintain the server hosting your site, because that hosting provider's job. However, you even do not have root access to the server.
  • Many companies provide pre-installed app and plugins in their shared servers, sometimes you need to pay more to make use of them!.



Despite the advantages of shared hosting in terms of low cost, ease of administration and stable operating times, there are some downsides.

  • Website download time may be much slower than that for dedicated or VPS servers.
  • In the case that the number of visitors to your site increases, you will notice the poor performance of your website.
  • There is no guarantee of security because you don’t know who else is there on the same server, so if a website has a memory leak or is hacked, it may affect yours
  • For many beginners who are launching their first website, the advantages of shared hosting greatly outweigh the drawbacks, especially when you have a few technical skills and it is important for you to get your website online as quickly as possible. It is also important to note that the hosting company will inform you when your visits have reached a time when it is time to upgrade, and it will monitor and shut down any sites that pose a risk to other sites on the server.



Although the shared servers are becoming more flexible and scalable more than anytime before, it still not he best deal if you have some technical skills and basic knowledge of deploying a server and configuring it for the first launch. Because VPS are actually does not cost so much considering all the features and capabilities of the such servers as the technologies behind it and and the cloud systems are rising day after another. May be the main reason why many users prefer shared servers is because it does not require you to manage it, and managed VPS is quite expensive!
However, Technoreon -Web Design & Marketing- agency provides managed VPS to their own clients to host their websites at the cost of VPS.

  • VPS Server is quick, really quick.
  • Compared to shared hosting, you will be allocated all the available resources as nobody else, but you who are using that server.
  • High security levels as it gives you additional protection capabilities and boosted performance especially if configured well.
  • Perfect for medium to large websites. Nowadays, even small businesses tend to use VPS.
  • Root access and complete control over the server.
  • Reliability, Integrity, Scalability and Flexibility.



Choosing a hosting plan is a critical decision as it will affect how your overall performance will be when you go online. Ok, all plans will work until your server is DOWN.

One of the best ways upon deciding the right choice for you is taking your website size into consideration. How many visitors do you expect (e.g. it is acceptable to go for shared server if your website has a range of daily visitors between 500 and 1000 visitors). However, it also recommended to use VPS in the first class even in the very beginning if you are running business, education, real-estate or e-commerce websites because although you may not get many visitors in your first days, but your low traffic also deserves to get high performance and best service to be your client. it is all business!
In cases you are using your website to present your products or services, the additional cost can be very worth.

Well, I have decided which server type fits my requirements and will best host my website. Now we come to another critical point, which server provider should I trust?

There are many providers out there and the prices from different firms are very close to each others. The average shared hosting price is 3$ monthly, VPS 5$ monthly, managed VPS server starting from 10$ all with 1CPU and 1GB RAM.

Here at Technoreon, we also provide plans for our customers to host their websites without being responsible of any technical issues, security, backups and updates. Yes, we manage our clients VPS Server at the cost of normal one. This way we make sure that our customers do focus on their own clients without having to deal with their server and all the technical problems that may happen over there. Of course they get root access but Technoreon as a user on the server manages all the functions, settings and scaling to provide better experience for you because we have dedicated team who knows on which side the bread is buttered!.
Technoreon provides multiple web design packages all including managed VPS hosting for your website project. You can check and select the one who may best fit your requirements. Moreover, you can ask for specific plan and customize it according to what your business is. We assist you in this phase and present All-In-One package.

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